Swimming ponds



We are specialists in the design and implementation of swimming facilities with a purely biological water treatment

A short comparison of conventional pools / natural pools

In all kind of pools are imported nutrients.
* By the original water (even in Germany, drinking water may contain up to 50 mg nitrate, well water contains

often much more)
* Immissions by wind (dust, leaves, pollen, fertilizers)
* by human use (solar oil, skin particles, urine),

These nutrients are the basis for unwanted bacteria and algae growth
In the conventional pool technique germicidal chemicals (eg chlorine, chlorine by salt dialysis, ozone) are used to suppress the spread of bacteria and algae. The filter holds back the solids which are removed from the system by filter cleaning BUT the dissolved nutrients remain and accumulate in the pool water! Consequently, the constantly increasing water pollution makes necessary the use of even more chemicals. Those chemicals are aggressive as well towards us and cause red, burning eyes and dry skin.

The most important feature of a natural pool is the totally natural water treatment by plants and microorganisms. Chlorine, Ozone or other chemicals are not required. The Water is biologically active, keeping its natural properties, is gentle to the skin and allergy risks are reduced. Many doctors advise against babies swimming in chlorinated water because of the risk of asthma.

A swimming pond integrates perfectly into the garden and not only invites us to relax, but also provides a habitat for plants and animals. It follows the natural rhythm of the for seasons without the need to be covered or emptied in winter. The energy-saving pump and low water consumption (once filled, only the evaporation loss has to be compensated) makes it particularly ecological sound.

The natural pool works with a pump of low consumption within a closed cycle and a minimum consumption of drinking water. Once filled only the evaporated water has to be refilled.

All kind of forms are possible: from the imitation of a natural lake up to traditional pool shapes with an added regeneration area.

Adapted to the climatic conditions, natural pools work perfectly as well in the Balearic Islands.

Our specialist for swimming ponds is member of the Iberian Swimming pond association ( Grupo Iberico de Aguas de Baño Naturalizadas, GIABN )