Garden architecture

“Landscape architecture combines environment and design, art and science. It is about everything outside the front door, both urban and rural, at the interface between people and natural systems. The range of ways in which landscape architects work is staggering. From master-planning Olympic sites to planning and managing landscapes like national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty to designing the public squares and parks that we all use, landscape architecture nurtures communities and makes their environment human and liveable.

Landscape architecture is not just the profession of the future — but the profession for a better future

Landscape architects are broad thinkers who thrive on the big picture. They are playing an increasingly important role in addressing the great issues of our day: climate change, sustainable communities, water, housing and the prevention of hunger.

In addition, landscape architects are also active in other fields related to the design of open spaces and landscapes: for example, in village redevelopment as well as in urban planning and inner-city regeneration projects. Here landscape architects have to co-operate with architects, town planners, civil engineers, biologists and social planners.” IFLA, International Federation of Landscape Architects

The German landscape architect Stefan Meier has designed gardens and parks in various european countries. Actually he is pendling between Ibiza, Spain and Genova, Italy.

In Ibiza he runs his company NATURALEZAYARTE, designing and building private gardens.

In Genova he is partner of PLAIN GREEN, a group of architects and specialists for ecologic building, headed by the local architect Paolo Lanfranconi, regional responsable of “casa clima”. In PLAIN GREEN Stefan Meier is responsable for the exterior design, green facades and roofs and biological water treatment.

He is specialist in

natural pools / swimming ponds, member of the chart of the Iberian swimming pond assosiation ( Grupo Iberico de Aguas de Bano Naturalizadas GIABN )

vertical gardens / green walls

mediterranean roof gardens and

biological waste water recycling